Javier Felipe

Technical Support - Bravo Studio

Temporary issues with APK builds

Hi everybody,

Some users might experience issues when requesting an APK build, due to temporary problems with a third-party service we use to generate the APKs. In case you encounter any issue when requesting a build for Android, please contact us (support@bravostudio.app) indicating your Bravo project URL and user email.

Thank you!

New Data Library Debug section!

Hi there!

We wanted to share with you a new panel we added on the Data Library: Debug. Here, you'll be able to see the content of the HTTP request and responses when performing an API request from the Data Library. We hope this makes easier to identify and fix errors when setting up the API requests. You can find more info here.

Happy Friday everybody :) 
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World Cities app with Xano

Hi everybody!

I wanted to share with you a new tutorial we just created. This time, we built an app displaying information about some of the world's most important cities, inspired by a popular service used by digital nomads.

In this app, we're using a backend tool called Xano, that allows to define and customize the API endpoints, and build a full-stack mobile application without writing code! We are using this endpoint customization to define how we want to send the data to Bravo. 

We hope you find it useful, especially the part of defining the data structure and the endpoints. 

Cheers :)
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