How to display every day on the main page, the page with the current date, from the database

Okay, then please tell me one more thing. I want the page with the current date to open immediately when the application is launched. For example I have 100 pages created using a database connection. How can I display the page I need and change its contents automatically, every day when the date on the user's phone changes. Example: 07/20/21 a page from the database is shown on which this day is described. The next day, the page 21.07.21 with its content should be shown, and so on.

How to combine Detail and List on one page?

Hi guys, help me solve the puzzle. How to make sure that when you click on the "Taurus" icon, the description from the Airtable (title Taurus, description Taurus) is loaded and the icon turns red? Then, if I want to read about "Aries" - when I clicked on the "Aries" icon, the description from the airtable (title Aries, description Aries) was loaded and the "Aries" icon turned red and "Taurus" black? etc.