List page display randomly

Hello, I have a issue with this List page display, it shows randomly, anyone knows why?

Thanks  !

How to reduce the volume of each image to makes the display shows quickly ?

Hello again everyone ! I have another problem with my design files, my design is too large to export to Bravo, it needs to Reduce the number of artboards, so I reduce the number of artboards, but I wander how can I reduce the volume of each image? Or there are certain tag can makes my photo shows quickly ? Because when I have the bad connection of wifi, my photos shows nothing but crash.

My design is too large to export to Bravo,Reduce the number of artboards?

Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my design in XD, it shows that my artboards too large for Bravo, how can I solve this issue? ( I had already deleted all the artboards not necessary to use. )

How Can I use layer tag without deformed the button?

Hello Everyone , I have an issue with my {layer} tag in adobe XD, in the left picture, it's my prototype XD, and I add tag with an action fixed in the bottom of my phone, [layer][action:phone:+33475059172], but when I check out my Bravo vision to see the result, it turns out a deformed button like the right picutre. Can you guys help me to check out this issue? Many thanks !😀

Changing color of menu tab in Adobe XD

Hello everyone ! I really need your help, I can't active my menu tab in Adobe XD, do you guys have the tutorial especially for Adobe XD? I watched the link here ( ) for Figma but I think it's quite different from Adobe XD. 😭