Launching private message feature

Hello everyone !!

As previously announced, I worked on a private message feature for my social app "Tuned" and it's now live 🌻

So all members could start a conversation and send privates messages to other Tuned's members!

Lets try and give me back your feedback 😎

Link for DL
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display data list by the bottom of the page

Hey !
Do you know if it existing a way to display some data from list directly by the bottom of the page ? Like the most recent is down and you scroll to the top to see the older one. I know that we can sort the data ASC & DESC. I just looking for "messenger effect" :) 

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Messenger system

I need advice! Do someone knows how to create a messenger system?
I already have my app build but I would like to enable to send message to other people but maybe like a "conversation". Someone has a advice or exemple ?
Thanks you 😀

Go out this summer app

Hey everybody ! I just launched my app to the store 😛 

Social network for organize any events with other people : 
°  Party 🎉 
°  Have a drink 🍻
°  Organize sport event 🏈
°  Chill out time with news peoples 🍇

Only in french for now, but worldwild availability !

Feel free to share your opinion about this 😃

AppleStore link :

PlayStore link :
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multiple request sending when the click is to fast


I have a screen with a form via API post, and when I click 2 times (user's reflex when it is too slow) I have many request sending to airtable. And so multiples identical information... Do you know how to limit this? Thanks 

EULA apple user


Apple requires that my users agree to terms (EULA) when they create an account.

Do you know if I can regroup all the terms in a same document ? Like the 
privacy policy and terms of use together ? 

Then, they specify that the users must accept the terms. Could you advise me for the method to do. Can i do something like : 
-The user is into the sign up screen and at the bottom of page I put a Hyperlink for the terms and i specify "By clicking on "create" you also accept the conditions below" Is this a good way ? 

Thank guys for the help :)