esther chan

Graphic UI designer

Video storage (recommendation?)-> Airtable -> Bravo

Hi everyone,

i was wondering can anyone recommend me a video storage service/website that i can upload video, that some how can link with Airtable? since all my data is there.

or can airtable store video and bind the data with bravo?

sorry im very new with all this backend stuff... 

Photo gallery

Hi everyone,

how do i create a photo gallery in a detail page? is it possible? in airtable to bravo?

Airtable API detail page not showing

Hi Everyone,

Airtable API list page works for me, it can populate, but when comes to detail page, it show nothing after binding, i not sure why. Can anyone help me out?

Do i need to key in something? Press "Send"?


API data did not replace the original template, but it just stack down

Hi everyone, 

i tried binding the data, it works, but the data did not replace the 1st template container, it just stack down, may i know what did i do wrong?

Thank you!!!

Is limited artboard only apply for free acount? can paid account upload 50 artboard above?

Hi there, just to check, is the limited artboard upload from figma to bravo studio only limited to free account? what about those paid account? can i upload more than 50 artboards?

thank you!

Validation Error-Uploading figma to bravo studio

Hi everyone! I just started bravo yesterday, im still very very novice, i tried to upload this design to bravo studio, it pop's out the "Validation Error" saying something wrong with figma file. 

I have this design, can anyone let me know what did i do wrong? did i container it the wrong way?

Thank you a million times~