After form submission, does not navigate to next page

After clicking on submit, data gets posted to database but does not navigate to the next page despite making the prototype mapping in figma  and selecting the form success action to navigate to the required page, does not navigate to next page. It just refreshes and stays on the form.

Unable to LIST cards dynamically

 I have used GET API to list the products from the dataset using airtable. I have followed the tutorials for dynamically listing cards, I am trying to create a list of products and display it dynamically.

While following the tutorial steps, data.records[] needs to be selected, but when I follow select it, while connecting the parameters to the UI they aren't available(PIC 2) 

PIC 1:

PIC 2:

Error 422 on bravo vision

Data is not being sent to Airtable along with Error 422 on bravo vision. I've used submit action and set up all the APIs.
It was working fine until today. 

How to link a submit button to each input?

On binding submit action to each of the buttons, only the data from the first option is being sent to Airtable even when other buttons are being clicked on. Is there a way to tie a submit action to each Input?

Option to add content:


Pic 1: In a tutorial video I noticed that there is an option to add content while creating a remote action to add booking information to a database.

Pic 2: While trying to create a similar remote action with the same functionality, the option to add content isn't available.

Please Help!

Is it possible to post information from buttons to airtable while creating a user profile?