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online catering creation

I am in the process of creating an app for food.  When making a purchase, how do I know which item customers have chosen from my database?

Liste - Détails

one more question ☺️, Is it possible to create a list whose detail is also a list that contains details in Bravo Studio.

create bravo page links for sharing

Hello everyone, is it possible to create links for each bravo studio page, more precisely for the articles.

elliptical images

hello everyone, i have a problem with the pictures.  instead of being in an ellipse, I end up with a square.  this with airtable

Dans bravo vision

Retrieve the location for delivery

good evening everyone, I need help, how to get the location of a customer to deliver his goods.  retrieve its location via airtable.

I create an e-commerce app by taking inspiration from existing sites.

link to another record of airtable

Good evening everyone, how to use "link to another record" of airtable in bravo studio

update of airtable in bravo

hello everyone, how can i update airtable directly in my bravo studio projects.

imagezoom tag not working in my adobe xd & mandatory input fields.

hi everyone, the imagezoom tag is not working in my adobe xd but is working fine in figma.  Adobe xd level help will be welcome. 

another question how to make the input fields mandatory for users

De Airtable à Bravo

hi, i have a little problem with my application and bravo vision.

First, the images imported from airtable do not respect the shape of the ellipse in bravo vision and in the application.

I have created a chat for users, the order is not respected even after integration of the date. data tends to repeat.

finally, the edit control is not dynamic, it limits the width of the edit control. your advice will be welcome.