Add like functionality?

 Hi All,

I have watched the most recent video of Karla Fernandes (thanks! Great video :) )
I have a question about that. If I have the capability to build the logic in Xano, would this update in the app? Meaning, if I do an update in the database, would that update the app field without refreshing the page, or it was built into the php function?

In other words, if I update a value in the database, would the value change on the app screen live without refreshing the page?

Pagination with Xano

Hi everyone. Glad to join the community. Is it possible to set up pagination with Xano? I found that for databases that are using URL parameters it is possible to set pagination, however Xano requires json for that. Anyone tried or knows if that is currently possible with Bravo?

Design Tips

Hi All!

Do you have any tips for creating the design? I'm creating the design using 375 x 812 as base. I also added a splash screen. I am experiencing issues with the font sizes. Any tips on how to make the font responsive? I attached 2 screenshots. 1 of them is the design preview, the other is the preview on my phone using bravo vision app. Many thanks!