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Design Challenge for a Bravo Mascot

Bravo Studio has indeed helped a lot of us to bring flat designs to life by adding interactive elements. 

I thereby self proclaim the need for a "Bravo Mascot" and I nominate Bravo Team for a design challenge -

Marta Serrano  
Javier Felipe  
Christina Chen  
Toby Oliver  
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Airtable vs. GraphCMS vs. Xano vs. AWS

Tested the flexibility of Airtable in one of yesterday's build. I must say, it's pretty easy to work with. There isn't much to do as BravoStudio natively integrated with Airtable. GraphCMS is build for scalable content delivery with custom content models and server location of choice on the Free Plan.

Gonna try my hand at Xano soon. Heard and seen a few rad things about this tech stack. Javier Felipe is uploading new tutorials using Xano (World Cities app). We need more tutorials based on existing use case for a hands on experience. What is your preferred choice of Data APIs when it comes to building an app with BravoStudio?

Clement desrues You must push a tutorial on integrating AWS Services stack (Incognito) with BravoStudio. We are all eager to learn how you accomplish this. You can upload a written tutorial in another language such as French or Spanish, we will use the power of AI to get it translated to a language of choice. Language is no barrier.

#teambravoforthewin !

P.S. - Anyone interested to create an Airtable Stack with Detailed Use Cases or Scenarios that will be uploaded on a regular basis for users to create apps with BravoStudio? It might just turn out to be the next MVP for a venture capital backed startup. Drop in your comments below.

Uniçorns & Bravo Studio - APPROVED!

Speaking of Validated Ideas..., anyone care to notice a sweet unicorn in the Bravo Studio Support Email Signature?

🦄 Join the Bravo community

app.monster  any thoughts?
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Star Wars API, Blood Donation - Find a Donor, Super Hero API Comic Con, The New York Times, Maternity Kodak and Shopify

Check out new work on my @Behance profile "@BravoStudioapp-Reimagine #NoCode App Build" https://t.co/4J7hDdPOG3

Includes - Star Wars API, Blood Donation - Find a Donor, Super Hero API Comic Con, The New York Times, Maternity Kodak and Shopify

#NoCode #DesignTools #UX #NoCode #learn #community #design #ui #prototyping #appdevelopment #UIStarterKit #100DaysofNoCode #Figma #BestPractice @figmadesign @GraphCMS @getpostman https://t.co/GPcUvcE242

Thank You Christina Chen for Photo Sharing UI Starter Kit, Marta Serrano for Foodgram UI Starter Kit, and so many other incredible designers out there who I've not mentioned here. I'm on twitter @dravasps for you to reach me. Also, drop in that sweet like on Adobe Behance Project Page if you like what you see! Helps creators like me curate and stay inspired.

This project started out when I started looking out for a no code tool whilst trying to integrate GraphCMS in one of my projects. Do note, none of these are actually published on the app stores. It is created for viewing the possibilities of Bravo Studio. Thanks Bravo Studio Team - Shoutout to  Marta Serrano for getting on a call - Absolutely stoked! 

AJ Picard  What's up!
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