Archive (Patch Request) "something went wrong error" and user data

I have been having trouble with the archive (Done with Patch request) and delete functions. The pop-up reminder that suggests the action cannot be undone works perfectly, but after clicking yes, the message becomes "something went wrong" .This is the case for all of the patch and delete requests, but I checked the database and it worked just fine. How could I fix this error?

Another issue I encountered is that the information that I am receiving from my own account for the app also includes those set up by other account users. Does this happen with Bravo vision but will fix itself once it is published? After creating the task, the app also doesn't refresh on its own. Is that an internal issue or an issue with data binding? 

Error sending form and log-in issues

I have been having issues with sending form which shows up as "Error sending form". In addition, my log-out button and log-in system don't work  (the log-in system worked before and I created accounts from bravo vision but now it does not work at all and leads me to the next page). The word "Log-in" also does not show up in bravo vision though the tags are exactly the same as the sign-up one. What could the problem be? Thanks in advance for helping me out!

Error in Post request

I am finding some trouble posting the input to the data base. I linked the post request successfully to the page where user would input text but when I try it in bravo vision, when I press the submit button it repeatedly tells me that there is an error sending the form when I press save. I have the bravo tag   [action:submit] set up and made sure I was only requesting data that will input into the page. Any ideas why the request is still not working?

Adding a timer and calendar

Hey, does anyone know there is an API that could be integrated with bravo to add a timer and a calendar function to the app? I saw that Bubble has a timer function, is there a way to build one there and connect it to the bravo file?