Ryan Barsalou

CEO, bustl.ca
Product Designer

Multiple Categories w/ Multiple Cities

Hello, I'm looking for a bit of help. My app is host to 30 different activities(categories), all with dozens of businesses within each category that leads to a business profile page.

My goal is to have multiple cities as well. So, the user would choose their city, then the list of available businesses would populate based on their location, as well as within each of their respected categories.

At this time, I can't figure out a way to setup a tag for each business location and category so the API can automatically fetch the data from a single Airtable table.

Is this possible? Or will I need to create separate category pages in Figma and Airtable in order for it to pull the data, as well as it's own city table? This would be a headache and an overly complicated amount of work... lol.