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Principal at Fourier Gauss Labs

Calendar picker and other controls

I started working on a design for a client when I realized that I do not see a method of implementing a calendar and date picker using Bravo. Which made me realize that I cannot implement a time picker; or a list box; or a dropdown list; or a slider; or an array of controls that are common in React UX toolkits. What am I missing? Are there UX elements that we can use with Bravo?

p.s. I can simulate a dropdown list, but the values are hardcoded and the Figma side is horribly tedious.

Did the recent Figma update break Bravo Vision?

Figma recently pushed an update that added multiple flows in a design. Previously the start page for the app flow was tagged with a VCR start icon. Now the same page is tagged with a label "Flow 1".

The problem is that Bravo Vision does not display the flow starting page on logon anymore. Instead, the app starts at another unrelated page.

I should mention that the app is using Firebase authentication, so the start page should display after successful login. Also, I am running Bravo Vision on Android.
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I can't see my notification

Bravo Studio indicates that I have a notification, but no message shows when I click on the bell icon. Is there another way to view notifications? Or reset them?

Upside down button

This has probably been discussed, except I haven't found the thread.

I have a couple of frames where I need to flip my button upside down for them to render properly in Bravo Vision. I'm concerned that the buttons will render upside down when I publish the app.

How do I correct this?

Here's Figma...

And here's the app running in Bravo Vision...

Firebase error messages

I have implemented Firebase authentication using the guidelines from the Bravo documentation. There are two aspects of this that I have not found a solution to. Both occur when the user enters an incorrect userid or password.

I am seeking help with ...

  1. The message displayed on incorrect authentication shows as a toast style notification near the bottom of my screen. The message is visible for a few seconds and then it disappears. How can I keep the message on the screen? And
  2. How can I replace the default text from Firebase with my own error message?

As a bonus ... I'd like to relocate and style the text of these messages.