Christina Chen

Product Designer @ Bravo Studio

New publishable build format for Android

Starting from now, Google Play will require a different app package format for publication. Fear not! Bravo has automatically adapted the publication build to generate what's required for your app project. No action is needed from your side. If you are publishing an app for the first time, you will receive a build with the .aab extension.

👉 See our updated publication guide
👉 Announcement from Android
👉 AAB documentation from Android
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Improved project notifications 🔔

Now if your app project has warning notifications, it will also tell you the specific layer name so you can locate and fix it easier!

As a reminder, these notifications do not mean your app won't work. They are to inform you that certain elements may cause your app to look differently from your design. If a notification remains persistent, don't fret! Check your app in Bravo Vision first to see if it requires fixing. 
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