Bravo beginner

Help on page construction

Hello Community,

I'm trying to improve my Figma/Bravo skills but I'm stucked on some page construction.

I'd like to design a page like the one below with a Bottom tab and a player.
How would you construct the page in order to get the player always above the menu whatever the screen size ?
Is the player should be in the menu page ?

Realtime Database

Hello, I was looking for some tips about realtime database. I'm trying to connect Firebase & Bravo Studio with no success, and I can't find any tips on the internet then I'm wondering if it's possible.
Does anyone know any alternative ? Can we connect Firebase to Airtable ?

How to create a detail page when there is no ID ?

I'm trying to create a detail page for a podcast episode but it seems the API don't returns any ID for each episode.

Is there any way to workaround if I don't have ID's ?