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Bravo Keystore

Hi Bravo Team,
I need to update my app with a new app and I'm not using Bravo for this new version.
I need to add the Keystore but I used the Bravo one and I don't wanna go all the process to approval, name and etc... how can I download it?

Thank you


This is my first app and I wanna build much more using Bravo.

Please check:


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Search & Filter Crashing

Hey beautiful people, I made a simple list on my app but when I try to search to find a specific item Bravo Vision keeps crashing. any tip for a table with more than 2,000 lines?

Privacy Policy

Hello community, any tips to create a privacy policy for Apple App Store?
I was researching and found so many options but I would like to know what is the mos effective.

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