Karla Fernandes

UX/UI & Digital Product Designer @Pratika.Design
Delivering beautifully designed apps for iOS/Android using powerful and reliable no-code tools; helping mentees to bring projects to life.

100 Animals in 5 Languages!

Bright illustrations, real pictures, and sounds to encourage children to learn as they are introduced to 100 animals, the perfect app for little learners!

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your toddler about animals?

With enchanting illustrations, 100 animals, was designed to introduce new words and expand children's vocabulary. This app will teach your kids about animals from around the World, and they will be incentivized to see, read, listen and repeat while having fun.

Babies and toddlers are ready to learn! They will discover new favorite critters while listening to their names and have the opportunity to learn alone or together with their parents with this adorable and educational animal app.

A Simple and colorful introduction to 100 animals every kid should know, and beyond basics. Each card in this lovely app focuses on one animal. From alpaca to armadillo, from cassowary to koala, from panda to swan, and more, this engaging app is the perfect way to introduce new words for your little animal lover.

All available on App store in 5 languages!
Coming soon: Google Play!

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Fiteasy Cardio Challenge

Exercise apps don’t need to be complicated!
- Get Fit... Easy: Simple exercises make building a routine easily.
- No need to purchase expensive equipment.
- Get started right away without creating an account.
Soon available at AppStore & GooglePlay.

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Want to learn how to create stylish looks?
- Versatile Accessorizing: Ideal for all seasons, occasions, styles, and age groups
- Save time: Master several styles in minutes
- Innovate your look: Add a touch of style to home office meetings
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Experimental soundscapes, dark ambient, Lo-Fi noises, dadaism, and sonic adventures. Already performed audio-visual live shows at Krake Festival and at Echo Bücher (both in Berlin). Benedikt Schmidt is a German artist, living in Santanyí, Majorca.

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Weekly Design Links

New curated links are delivered weekly featuring the best of Architecture, Web Design, UX, Illustration, Fine Art, Photography, Film, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and more. Weekly Design Links delivers the best design links curated right to your phone.
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How to ask for help?

Put your question into a scenario. Explain your app, what you want to achieve, the problem you are trying to solve, and be clear about your request.

* Check if someone has added something on the community about the same subject, there is a search field here on the top!
* Decide which is the best area for your question, inside Ask for Help: Design & Bravo Tags, Data & API or Publication?
* What is that you are trying to create?
* What is the trouble you ran into?
* What did you do so far?
* What is the result you need?
* Great, you can use other ways to explain? printscreen, Figma, airtable, videos (loom.com)?

With these, we can help you ;-)
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UX Events Weekly

Thought leaders, authors, founders, and emerging voices are eager to share their wisdom with the design community. From user research to visual design to behavioral psychology, the best UX events every week. Take advantage of these opportunities to connect!

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