Marta Serrano  I have other question, is the app made in Bravo not available on iPad? Because we tried on iPad but the app just crashes.
 Marta Serrano  the screens are now showing using the [intro] tag, thanks!
and by the way, the onboarding screen has no signup/login function, just subscribe form which goes to airtable
 Marta Serrano  the onboarding screens are also not showing in iOS Bravo Version. what's the possible problem? is it because I put tag [nomenu]? But it would be weird to put the menu tab in onboarding screens.
Thanks for this! Another question is, how can I update the info of the logged-in user? We have a form that the user can change his/her name, I tried to PATCH but patching needs the record ID, so how can I get the record ID of the logged-in user? or is there any other way to update the info of the user?