Parental gate to open external links

Hi, is it possible to have a parental gate before opening any external links? Because it's a must for iOS Kids App. I'm looking for ideas on how to do this using Bravo + Figma

No onboarding flow on Testflight

Hi, so we already manage to have our app to be tested using Testflight but when opening it, the onboarding screens won't show. The flow was set to start on the onboarding but when opening, it just go directly to the home screen. On android, it works perfectly.

Different screens after sign-up and log-in

Is it possible to have different screens after signup and after login while using Firebase?


Hi, we used Firebase to authenticate users for our app. Is there a way we can get the user's information (e.g. Email) so that their info can be shown on the Account Screen of our app? And also the users should be able to update their account and add their Name and save to Airtable.