Santiago Eduardo Lopez

Hey everyone I'm Santiago, a NoCode enthusiast from Argentina currently living in Valencia with my friends and partners whom I work with every day in Novolabs. We are always learning how to develop amazing digital products.

Novolabs is in da house

Hi everyone! My name is Santiago, from Novolabs, and this is my first post at Bravo Studio. At Novolabs we develop amazing digital products thus we help Startups to validate their MVPs learning from the early-adopters and iterating in this learn-measure-build circle.

I started writing a long time ago and now I contribute with the team on communicating the best way possible about the product marketing process.

If you donΒ΄t have a good product marketing strategy to position and communicate well the benefits to your clients, they will not get excited about your product and your sales will not be as expected.

Novolabs can assist you in every step of the development cycle, launching a new venture or improving an existing solution seamlessly. We are restless people, and we are always looking for new challenges that bring us learning and memorable moments.

Tell us about you and your idea 😁
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