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🔥New video tutorial available! 🔥 Adobe XD basics for Bravo Studio

Hey Brave Creatives,

 Fergie  prepared an amazing step-by-step tutorial on how to design a News app using Adobe XD & Bravo Studio. In this masterclass you will learn how to: 
  1. Create a feed & video feed
  2. Create a vertical list
  3. Create a back button
  4. Create a share button
  5. Slide-in Menu
  6. Add video, images, and article content 
  7. Connect screens
  8. Add Bravo tags
  9. Export to Bravo
  10. Experience your app in Bravo Vision 
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🔥New Youtube video available

Hey, Brave creatives!

A new interview is available on our Youtube channel. We would appreciate it if you gave it some love: subscribe, comment or share it with your friends 🤩

Also, if you would like to see specific content on our channel, we would love to hear your ideas. 🙏😍
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