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Hey there people! I'm a Product Designer and Bravo Expert. I'm thrilled to discover what the no-code movement will bring!

Bravo Vision shares not working

Hi there Bravo team! 😃

I just shared an app with a client and they can't access it; they can follow the link, download Bravo Vision and enter, but once in BV there's no app to preview. I tried with an external account myself and same thing happened to me.

It looks like a temporary bug, right? In case it helps, I had the issue with an iPhone X and iPhone 11.

Please, let me know. Thanks! 🙌

Populating list of images within detail page

Hey there peeps!

I have a detail page in which there is a container with rich text and another container with an image, like this:

Now the thing is that sometimes there will be 1 image, and sometimes 2 or ideally more (the no. of images can also be 0, that's why the image is white; if you think of another solution for this side problem let me know 🙂)

Where I want to go is what's showed here by  Christina Chen : https://spectrum.chat/bravo-studio/help-support/creating-a-detail-page-with-differentiating-number-of-images~40562b4a-a87e-4a63-92f1-6242f47880ed

So, I select the image array in the detail page (in the data library), I go to my data binding and connect the frame to the image array and the image to the image data record; but for some reason I can't get it right.

This is how I tried to call the list within my detail page:
  1.  Called the array (.data.records[].fields.Image/table[0]); I've also tried calling the .data.records[] as well just in case but no success)
  2. Bound the container and the element
Hopefully someone can help or give an alternate solution, thanks a bunch! 🙂

*BTW can't share the project URL nor the Figma file here, but of course will do it with the Bravo team if the community can't help with this!

Spanish Film Festival app

Hey there beautiful people! 🙌

Last year I made and published an app for a Spanish Film Festival held in The Netherlands and I thought about bringing it to the new community, so here it is!

Spanish Film Festival is a unique film exhibition initiative allowing people based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and broader audiences to discover and engage with a carefully honed selection of cinema from Spain and Spanish speaking Latin America.

Discover this year's program, see where the venues are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague and buy your tickets for your favorite films, all from the official app.

2020 edition also features an online edition, which you will able to join directly from your phone.

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