Juan Carlos

Product Designer
Hey there people! I'm a Product Designer and Bravo Expert. I'm thrilled to discover what the no-code movement will bring!
Hey  Clement desrues  this is awesome 👏 I’ve been testing it and I love how you leveraged Bravo’s features and made the technical limitations invisible to the user, fabuleux!

Could you share what was the hardest part for you to implement/create? And how you managed? Keep it up! 🔥
Hey Christina! :) Still waiting on their response, but I myself used Gmail to log in with another account and couldn't see it either.

Let me try with email + code 🙂
 Juno Jo  Thank you so much Juno! 😃
 Karla Fernandes  Hey Karla, thanks for your reply! So this is how it's looking right now, as you can see I have a field with two images in the same record field: