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Here to help but also to ask questions ;)

bug modal fixed + modal iOS card

when you have a fixed modal or % modal and you click to open an iOS card modal it opens a normal modal and not the ios modal normally you can combine them.
thx ❤️

bug iOS modal + search


when you use an iOS modal and have a search in it and click a button to the next page it opens inside the modal and not on a normal page. It’s not that bad only that it bugs a lot when you return it doesn't know how to show the page again

Slider next button

It would be a great idea to have the possibility to go to next container in the slider with a button for intro screens


Hello all,
So my name is Dany and I’m from Luxembourg, yeah that small town in Europe. Anyone else from here?
I discovered Bravo studio in the beginning, really at the beginning 🤣 Where half of that what they propose now wasn't there... So basically if something is missing ASK them I'm sure it will be added to the roadmap.
I’m really passionate about bravo and they are developing brave so fast, that I can not keep all the tags all in my head like in the beginning and that's a positive point. BRAVO OPENS THE WORLD TO DESIGNER AND FREELANCER THAT CAN’T CODE.
I’m a bravo expert so if anyone needs help or has a question don't hesitate to write me a private message or if anyone needs a hand to build an app. i’m there for it ❤️!

Love you all 🙏
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Stay loged in with xano

Does anyone know how to do this? 

Api request time


More technical question.
Why does it take so long to load a detail page where it only shows text?
Did the timer is set In advance by you?
The net screen should open directly and show the data without loading and show a ghost element ( gray loader on the container where it’s not loaded) like Instagram and Facebook. This would be the best case of use.
Why not preload all requests directly or find another way the user experience is not very good with all that loading, it's a comment that I get a lot and something I'm asking since the beginning.

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