Yes, it is quite strange sometimes the page loads the data but sometimes it just returns a blank. I'm not sure if it has to do with the API. I'm using wordpress API
 Karla Fernandes  Yes, it is getting the detail page and record added to main container! I can attach the attachments url to all other layers like content and svg but I can't attach the data to the action layer

I was trying to attach another data and I can't seem to select any option other than "Use value from Figma" but it was working fine just now >< Does this have to do with the figma file and in what situation does "use value from figma" appear? thank you! 🙈
Thank you so much! :))) it works now, the problem was that I didn't populate completely all the rows of mp3 files under the attachments column, there were some empty rows. TT
Thank you for for your reply Karla! :) I was looking at getting the mp3 file from the Airtable API. If I were to put in the Airtable mp3 url directly into the tag [action:play:airtablemp3url], the audio loads but when connecting the same via the data library to Airtable API, the mp3 file does not load. Is there something I did incorrectly? 🙈